All runners adhere to an orderly pattern of traffic flow, similar to the rules of vehicular traffic.  Each person runs to the right of the path, allowing runners going in opposite directions to pass without collision.  A faster runner may pass a slower runner on the left, when there is no oncoming runner.  It is polite to move farther to the right if possible, if you are that slower runner being passed.

In this country as well, the rules of running traffic appear to emulate the rules of vehicle traffic, i.e. if there are any, no one follows them.  Now, I must add that this is a huge generalization and there are numerous exceptions.

In the nearby park, people tend to pick an orientation on the running path and stick to it.  That might be right-, left- or center-justified.  Two people generally spread out to take up the whole thing.  This works smoothly as long as all participants move in a counter-clockwise direction at the same pace.  But should anyone run in a clockwise direction, egads !!

While running in a clockwise direction, I have seen people fall into one of the three following categories:

  1. The Steadfast Walker never gives an inch.  If two are walking together, give it up and head for the grass is my advice.  They might part in the middle about 3 inches so you can squeeze between them.  Just get a dog.  That tends to move anyone out of the way pretty quickly.  
  2. The Confounded Walker just stares at you, completely confused and overwhelmed by the fact that someone is breaking protocol.  They cannot emotionally deal with the fact you are walking in the opposite direction.  They regard you with scared, apprehensive eyes as you skirt them.
  3. The Foreigner is usually from a country with a) traffic control patterns and b) manners and generally moves to the right of the path so you can pass by.

Now you must excuse me, I have to go practice my traffic maneuvers.