sweat drips Can you see the drips?  Yeah, it’s the tropics and we sweat a lot here when we run.

After a speedy market run this morning, I headed to the gym.


Up the path . . .

path to gym

Around the bend . . .

path to gym 2

To . . .

Fitness Center Building

The Gym!!

fitness center

Or officially, the Fitness Center

gym sign

For $25 a month, here’s what you get in a 3rd world, tropical country.

Some machines . . . (the elliptical has some quirks)

gym 3

More machines (I think someone was having a sale . . .)

the gym

A treadmill (yay for me)

the gym2

And weights; the only things I really need and couldn’t bring along or purchase here (too pricey)


Here’s where you’ll normally find me.

the 'mill

As I ran nowhere, dripping sweat everywhere, this is my view.  Actually, I am most often staring at an American magazine like Shape or Lucky (thanks mom!!!!  you really know what I need).

my view from the mill

Today I got through my three miles on the treadmill and a full (almost) weights workout.  I had to modify (another post on that soon) in order not to touch the floor.

I also discovered that I need to wear bug spray when working out here.  I also think I will bring disinfecting wipes to wipe down the equipment before and after I use it.  Someone should.