When I posted yesterday, I intended to post splits for my run and detail each mile like a proper long run recap.  However, my Garmin decided to freeze up, and I couldn’t get it thawed until this morning.  So here’s is my belated full recounting of my 7-miler.

Mile 1 – 12:46

Mile 2 – 12:22

Mile 3 – 14:38

Mile 4 – 13:51

Mile 5 – 13:22

Mile 6 – 12:46

Mile 7 – 13:15

This run took place at a local park with a paved loop of .4 mile.  I did many, many loops!

The first three miles included the company of my friend Belle.  As we started our first loop, both of us had trouble breathing and we were unusually slow.  There was dense cloud cover, which means the humidity level can be 100%.  This really impacts running pace.  We struggled on, but I was wondering how I could get through 7 miles like that.

Miles 1-2

We had just started the second loop when we felt a sprinkle.  Then drops.  Now, as I live in the tropics, rain never stays a sprinkle.  In fact, it can go from sprinkling to pouring what feels like buckets of water in less than 10 seconds.  I am not embellishing, exaggerating  or being overly dramatic.  Tropical rainstorms are sudden, intense, and dissipate as fast as they come.

So, we had to decide whether to take shelter under a tree or bleachers (like all the sensible people in the park) or just keep running.  I should add that there is no danger to being out in a rainstorm, it’s just cold and wet.  The key word in the preceding sentence: cold.  Even though we run between 6 am and 7 am, it is already uncomfortably warm.  So cold rain would be a blessing.  We decided to keep running.

The rain lasted only 10 minutes or so, and wasn’t a real downpour.  It was hard rain and we got thoroughly wet.  We had to tuck away our mp3 players and headphones.  My dog started to freak out a little.  But we kept running, and you know what?  Those were the best miles I have run since I arrived here in August.  The temperature was actually comfortable for running!  That’s a first!

I actually sped up and dropped my pace to lower than it has ever been running in this somewhat-hilly park.  You can see in mile 2 that despite stopping and messing with stashing sensitive electronics, we pulled out a 12:22 mile.  My long run pace used to be 10:30-11:30 miles.  Now it is closer to 13:00 for even a short run.  So a 12:22 made me feel almost like myself!

Mile 3

Belle kept me company through this slower mile.  There was a lot of puddle-dodging and messing with stuff.  After mile 3, Belle waved goodbye and jogged off home.

Miles 4-7

I had been apprehensive about running so many miles alone and in a park with only one short loop to repeat.  But I quickly zoned out, listened to an audiobook and just ran.  It was the first time since I moved from California I have experienced the peace you only get when your body is preoccupied and your mind partly so with running and you let the other part of your mind focus on what you’re listening to or other random thoughts.

Since I have not run farther than 4 miles in months, I knew 7 would be tough.  The last 5 laps (2 miles) saw me feeling tired, but not discouraged.  I did not have that overwhelming urge to stop and walk.  And the last lap, I actually sped up, leading to a 13:15 mile, instead of the 14:00 mile I had been heading.

I am especially happy that my long run didn’t wear me out so much that I couldn’t accomplish anything else the whole day.  That usually happens once I start running 15+ miles.  But in this heat, all bets are off!

Hope you enjoyed the recap.  I am (belatedly) off to run 3 miles and do WOW 1 of Sexy in Six at my fitness center/gym/workout area.  We’ll settle on a name later.


Do you like running alone or with company?  How many miles do you like to run alone?