Today I ran 7 miles.  It was the first time I have run more than 3 miles since April.  I haven’t been running with any regularity up until the past couple weeks.  It was slow and arduous and included segments of tropical downpour.  Nevertheless, I loved every step of every mile.

To be completely honest, I didn’t work up to this distance as slowly as I should have done.  I have fiddled about with running lately.  A run of a couple miles (maybe) every couple weeks has been my regimen.  But two weeks ago, with fantasies about my trip home dancing in my head, I got the idea to run a race while I am in California and official training began.  So I set out a plan, carefully made a spreadsheet of the next few months, and began to follow it.  The first week is full of strikethroughs and adaptations.  It took me a while to become comfortable with the new routine of running in this place.  But now that all the getting-started anxiety has greatly subsided, this week’s training is going quite well.

Last week’s long run was scheduled for Saturday morning.  I thought I would have time to run 6 miles and get to the produce market before all the lettuce was bought and gone.  But at 3.75 miles, my running buddy and I decided we needed to leave for the market or risk having nothing green to eat.  So I got almost 4 in, and made up the other 2.  The next day.  Not an ideal long run as it wasn’t particularly long.

I had scheduled the long run this week for Tuesday, but it had to be moved due to sleeping issues.  And I actually think Thursday may be a better day.  I will see how next week goes and possible tweak my schedule more.

So although I have adjusted somewhat this week, the mileage has all been according to schedule and I enjoyed running this week.  I have a theory as to why I suddenly started enjoying it instead of just hurting, so stay tuned for that post.

How strictly do you follow running schedules?