Our first visit home has been tentatively scheduled, and I intend to complete a race while in California.  Therefore, I began official training last week.  As my exercise during the past ten months has consisted of whipping eggs for cake by hand and maniacally mopping my floors, it was a challenge to complete the first week of my training plan.

Getting back to exercise is a great sign.  It means I have mentally settled in, and am ready to have a life. I currently am able breathe, eat, shower, and sleep with a degree of familiarity and routine.  It took long enough.  But now I am ready!

So I’ve been getting ready to get back to sweating (on purpose instead of incidentally).  I paid for a month’s subscription to the fitness center in a local resort.  Now I have access to a windy, shady spot to run on the dreadmill, use the elliptical and lift weights.  Although I prefer covering actual ground instead of running and going nowhere, running in the sun after 7 am really isn’t an option here.   I developed a training plan for my potential race.  I bought a huge container of Gatorade mix to hydrate while I exercise in 90-degree, 100%-humid weather.  I instituted a schedule of laundry that allows me to wash my exercise clothes between uses.  I am all set.

This week so far:

Sunday: 2-mile run, Sexy in Six Week 1 weights.
Monday: quick Jazz-class type stretch, a few Pilates exercises

The rest of this week, proposed:

Tuesday: 3 miles on the treadmill, SIS Week 1 weights
Wednesday: 20-minutes Pilates Mat Workout
Thursday: 7-miles at the local park
Friday: 3 miles, SIS Week 1 weights
Saturday: 3 miles

Ready, Set, Go!