I divide my life, as relevant to this blog, thusly: fitness, food and miscellaneous interests.  In today’s post I will begin an account of my fitness history and habits.

I like to think of myself as a naturally active person with varied activity-based interests.  However, I must admit that more appropriate terms may be ‘schizophrenic’ and ‘short attention span.’  I have always been a physically active person and through rigorous testing and with plenty of outside confirmation, I have proven true my hypothesis that unless I keep up a minimum level of exercise, I become rather bristly and unkind.  Therefore, I am always doing something.

I have concluded that for my best health and well-being, I have to incorporate cardio, resistance training and stretching.  Balancing all three is tricky but necessary.  I don’t like feeling strong but stiff, or else supple but weak.

At one time, I was convinced I had to do everything at least three times a week to have a minimum of fitness.  I scheduled it all out using complicated spreadsheets and schedules from my gym, dance studio and running buddies.  I ended up scheduling something like four hours a day for exercise.  A smidge excessive, you say?  I concur.

At this mature (snort of derisive laughter) stage of my life, I try to incorporate a variety of activities on a regular, though not necessarily weekly, basis.  If I have a big event coming up, I will spend more time training for that activity and reduce time spend in others.  However, I find I like a varied and balanced fitness portfolio, which is why I have largely given up participating in orchestrated events like races and rides.  I had that stage: when racing was so exciting and training schedules were new and promising.  But having done it all the way up and through a marathon, I must admit the mystique and allure have left the building.  Races are fun, but I have bigger priorities at the moment, namely, keeping balanced, sane and moving to anther continent.

I will have to devise methods of keeping said balance even in foreign surroundings.  I believe it will be, to quote J.M. Barrie, “an awfully big adventure.”

Tomorrow’s Post: In Which I Dance
(An Accounting of My Current Fitness Habits, Part II)